Cleveland IIBA Chapter Committees

Marketing and Membership Promotion
Purpose:  Increase the Cleveland chapter’s professional and public visibility by promoting key IIBA events and services; work in concert with other committees; ensure consistent communications.  Oversee new member recruitment and existing member retention.
Committee Chair:

Key Activities:

  • Create IIBA promotional information promoting brand usage and recognition
  • Encourage use of IIBA logo to all sponsor organizations
  • Target high-profile community involvement with large local companies to assist with membership involvement and fund raising
  • Coordinate local and national IIBA branding initiatives
  • Partner with local professional organizations
  • Partner with IIBA International on member recruitment and retention efforts

Professional Development
Purpose:  Responsible for encouraging and enabling the growth and educational development of the Cleveland Chapter business analysts.
Committee Chair:

Key Activities:

  • Identify and execute chapter development goals
  • Plan and deliver chapter educational programs
  • Communicate industry trends to chapter members
  • Support pursuit of IIBA certification by chapter members

Communications & Event Planning
Purpose: Responsible for the logistics around conducting all IIBA chapter meetings and special events along with the strategy, packaging, and delivery of all formal communications from the IIBA Cleveland chapter.
Committee Chair:

Key Activities:

  • Develop and maintain standard communication guidelines
  • Manage Cleveland IIBA website content
  • Deliver all formal IIBA chapter communication
  • Establish meeting dates, locations, facility needs, food
  • Set meeting topics and secure presenters
  • Set and communicate agendas

Committee Guidelines

  1. Committee chair must be an IIBA member
  2. Members are permitted to serve on as many committees as desired
  3. No company should comprise more than 50% of a committee’s membership
  4. 60% of committee members will be required for a quorum
  5. Committees will elect their chairperson for a one year term
  6. Committee chairs are invited to attend the Chapter Board Meetings and have voting rights
  7. Committees must meet on a bi-monthly basis at a minimum